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Our Volunteers and Sponsors are an essential part of the KAN family. Check out what they’re saying!

Your support leaves us speechless!

“We at Franklin Elementary School are thoroughly convinced that what you do on our behalf has nothing to do with recognition and letters of gratitude.  Your gesture of supplies for our students and families is purely out of love and compassion for children and their livelihood. Once again, friends and neighbors like yourselves have stepped forward to make a difference in peoples lives.  At Franklin we say that you have “crossed the line” from settling and making due, over to the side of excellence and service.
We cannot say enough about the gifts you presented.  Sometimes I wish you could be a “fly on the wall” when families come in to register at our school. Many are moving apartments, changing or losing jobs, feeding and clothing children, and simply cannot make ends meet.  I know you are happy in your “invisibility” not knowing “who gets what” but I wish you could see parents faces!
Three weeks ago, a mother came in to register here, having just moved to town.  With paperwork done, and kids assigned to classes, the conversation turned to supply lists, and her face fell.  With stores’ costs and a struggling bank account, this would just have to wait. I said to her, “don’t worry, we have generous friends”.  She walked out of school that day in tears with a bags full of student needs.
This is what you do for our school and for dozens of families in transition.  Please share our gratefulness to your members.  Your support leaves us speechless!  Have a great year ahead. 
Your partner in building children’s lives.”
Franklin Elementary School

You have all worked so hard and we appreciate it

“Thank you so much for the wonderful support you provided for our families. We greatly appreciate your continued efforts in making our families prepared for the year while lessening their burden. You have all worked so hard and we appreciate it.”
Koenig Elementary School

Thanks for the supplies you provided to our school

“On behalf of The Madison Elementary School Staff, thanks for the supplies you provided to our school. We have many needy students and families that will benefit from your generosity”
Madison Elementary School

This is an awesome organization

“KAN Cool for School makes it possible for all children in Manitowoc County to start school with needed supplies. After the event, Magic Closets are filled so teachers have the opportunity to help students who may need supplies as the school year progresses. This is an awesome organization that relies completely on volunteers & donations.”

The parents are so grateful for the help of the organization

“KAN Cool for School donates school supplies to needy children in Manitowoc County. Children who are referred to the event via social service agencies are able to pick out the supplies on their lists. You should see the excitement in the children’s faces as they pick out their supplies. The parents are so grateful for the help of the organization. These children now come to school prepared just like their peers! They start off the school year with the best chance at success!”
Board Member

Interested in making a financial donation?

KAN Cool for School is a non-profit 501c3 organization which is run 100% by volunteers. With your help, we can be sure every child is prepared for success in school. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.
Donations can also be mailed to:
KAN Cool for School
P.O. Box 2254
Manitowoc, WI 54220